Harness the Power of Social Media and Change the World

It has crossed my mind recently that perhaps we have seriously underestimated the power of social media in this country.  As I search for telecommuting jobs and freelance projects, I’m reminded about the times.  The people from times past could never have imagined a social network such as Facebook, Twitter, or even the Internet alone.  These mega hubs cultivate our growing culture and create a whole new outlet of job opportunities for telecommuters who strive to minimize their ecological footprint.

Telecommute is a desirable option for any career choice; I think most would agree with that.  In most companies I know of, the only way you’ll get to telecommute is if you’ve been around for twenty years or more!  And even then, it may only be 1 day per week.  Now days, the Internet hosts a shared workplace for the technically inclined and web savvy among us.  Enticing people from a wide range of backgrounds including Chemistry and Buddhism, the world of internet business development thrives on diversity.  Just about anyone can join in the fun with minimal knowledge and experience.  But beware, the competition is fierce.

Back to harnessing the power of social media, I would like to make a prediction.  In an economy where the auto industry and housing market are still recovering, the world of internet business is booming.  People are spending more time on the computer than ever before and I believe it’s undeniable due to the addictive nature of the Internet.  Places like Facebook deliver instant gratification through finding friends in a matter of a few clicks.  Twitter creates a following which provides a feeling of belonging to something.  Connecting with people is embedded in the grain of our society as humans.  I believe the automobile was so successful in America because people wanted to stay connected to their friends and coworkers as they moved out of the city and into suburbia.  It was also a mark of status that we now know may not be so glamorous.  Due to the unveiling of global warming and excessive carbon dioxide pollution, America’s vast army of automobiles may be losing new recruits to telecommuting opportunities that don’t require a vehicle.  But now, times have changed, and they continue to change.  I believe the Internet has the power to reshape our economy starting with the auto industry.  Less cars on the road means less pollution, less dependency on foreign oil, and more active lifestyles.  People are finding lots of ways to live without a car by 1) moving closer to work, 2) relying on mass transit or car pools, and 3) working from home.  These changes in our society’s behavior and habits reflect environmentally-friendly citizens who are making a difference.  Let’s consider the working from home option…

Working from home enables entrepreneurs to write off a portion of their housing and utilities costs for the sake of doing business.  How does this help the housing market?  Well, people are finding more value in their home by actually earning a full-time income from within!  This gives self-employed folks the chance to consider a bigger house with space for a home office.  I believe the Internet and the power of social media can transform the auto and housing industry!  Let’s promote home sweet home, divorce our cars, and spend more time with loved ones.  It is the human condition after all – we must feel connected to something.


About Valerie

Medical writer/editor. Rockstar freelancer. Work-at-home mom. Yogi. Leader.

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