Certified in Medical Communications

Will this certification get me a higher paying contract as a medical writer?  I’m not sure.  What I am sure of is the demand exists for qualified medical writers with clinical research experience.  Certified or not, I have the skills to understand, digest, and explain the process of clinical research and the results obtained from safety toxicology studies.  What I lack in credentials or degrees, I make up in real time work experience.

My recent success as a freelance writer has prompted me to look for professional certifications such as the one offered by the American Medical Writers Association.  The programs essentially certifies that I know what I’m doing.  A certification is a great way to earn industry respect and recognition for a standard set of skills.  As the demand grows for talented and capable freelance medical writers, it becomes more difficult for employers to identify where the talent lies.

Will having the certification give me an edge over other freelancers?  Of that, I cannot be sure.  I do however know that medical writing is my future and regardless of holding a certification or not, I intend to be around for a long time.  I will seek out every opportunity there is to advance my skills and continue my education.  Earning a certificate is challenging though because there is a cost involved that cannot be covered by typical educational or research funds.

The AMWA certification program could take me 8-10 months to complete and cost roughly $150 per month to join the organization, enroll in the certificate program, and complete each of the 8 required modules from home.  I consider this an investment in my future and a means of sustaining myself as a freelance medical writer.  Working on a freelance basis has it’s ups and downs and freelance writers are generally under-paid and under-valued these days.  I hope that as I work towards this certification, more employers will see the the pride I have in my work, the passion I have for success, and the value of my skills and services.

If you are in need of a medical writer to help with research projects, data analysis, report writing, table generation, or even newsletter generation, I would be delighted to assist!  Contact me and we will work together as a team to meet your objectives and your budget.  I welcome any serious inquiries from fellow writers, scientists, and research professionals.

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